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What to Do if the Roof Leaks During a Storm in Oxford, AL

Roof leaks might seem trivial, but they can cause significant water damage that reduces your home’s structural integrity, longevity, and overall quality. However, many Oxford, AL, homeowners don’t know what to do when their roofs leak. Fortunately, Superior Roofing & Home Care is here to tell you what to do if the roof leaks during a storm.

Superior Roofing & Home Care is Oxford, AL’s leading professional roofing company. Its team offers first-rate roof repair, maintenance, and replacement services that can help your roof reach its full potential at a fair and affordable price. If you need professional roof repair in Oxford, AL, contact Superior Roofing & Home Care.

What to Do If Your Roof Leaks During a Storm

Roof leaks are one of the most common roofing issues in Oxford, AL, and typically form due to lack of maintenance. They often start small and grow into significant problems that jeopardize your home’s well-being. That’s why it's vital to address roof leaks as soon as possible to preserve your home and prevent other issues.

Below are some efficient tips on what to do if the roof leaks during a storm.

Protect Your Home’s Interior

Roof leaks can wreak havoc on your residence’s interior. They can cause significant water damage while creating dangerous mold colonies that put your family’s health at risk.

If your home experiences a roof leak, place large containers under the leaks to catch dripping water. This will preserve your interior and prevent other, more substantial issues.

Relieve Pressure

Sometimes water becomes trapped within your ceiling and forms pockets full of rainwater. The water within these pockets often travels and worsens the situation. However, you can relieve pressure within the pockets by creating a tiny hole that allows the water to drain.

Draining the water will prevent the pocket from growing and limit structural damage. However, don’t make the hole too big since it can reduce your home’s interior appeal.

Use Caulk or Roofing Tape to Temporarily Patch the Leak

Temporarily patching roof leaks with caulk or roofing tape can prevent rainwater from seeping into your residence. Although it can't resolve the leak, it provides a short-term fix until you hire a professional to repair your roof. Most home improvement stores in Oxford sell caulk and roofing tape, making it incredibly accessible.

Try to have some caulk and roofing tape on standby just in case a roof leak occurs. It can reduce water damage while giving you time to resolve the issue.

Contact Superior Roofing & Home Care for Unmatched Roof Repair Services in Oxford, AL

If you don’t know what to do if the roof leaks during a storm, contact Superior Roofing & Home Care. Its team will rush to your home and handle all your roof repair needs at a price that fits your budget. From roof repair to roof replacement services, Superior Roofing & Home Care has you covered.

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