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What Causes Zippering on a Roof in Oxford?

Your roof works hard to protect you and your family from harsh weather, extreme temperatures, dust, dirt, and debris. However, without a proper installation, your roof may struggle to do its job effectively. In fact, you’ll likely experience premature damage that will force you to replace it sooner than its expected useful life. Zippering, in particular, can be a huge problem. But what is zippering, and what leads to it?

As a top-rated and trusted roofing company in Oxford, the roofing experts at Superior Roofing & Home Care explore this topic and discuss what causes zippering on a roof.  

What Causes Roof Zippering in Oxford?  

Roof zippering primarily occurs as a consequence of a popular, yet controversial shingle installation method referred to as vertical racking or staggering method. With vertical racking, shingles are installed in a straight vertical column up your roof rather than in an alternating or stair-step fashion.  

Vertical racking allows for faster installation as the installer can keep a bundle of shingles close by and simply install them in a straight line from the corner up the roof diagonally. This saves time as the installer doesn’t have to move back and forth, as they would with the alternating method.  

How Does Roof Zippering Occur?  

Unfortunately, vertical racking comes with several pitfalls. For example, this technique makes the shingles more vulnerable to damage from temperature fluctuations and constant expansions and contractions.   

What causes zippering on a roof? As the shingles expand and contract in the heat and cold, they can start pulling apart along the vertical lines the roofing installer installed them on. The unsealed corners curl up to create a zippering or zigzag appearance on the roof.   

How To Check for Roof Damage in Oxford  

Zippering damages your shingle roofing prematurely, exposing it to further damage from high winds, wind uplift, and accumulation of debris. Stay alert for the following symptoms of a zippering or wind-damaged roof:  

  • Roof leaks  
  • Missing shingles  
  • Lifting shingles  
  • Curling shingles  
  • Loose granules in your gutters  

Why Hire a Professional Roofing Company?  

Hiring your local handyman for roofing projects may save you a few bucks but cost you plenty in the long run. Instead, choose an Oxford roofing expert who will adhere to manufacturer-recommended installation methods to guarantee a professional installation and help you avoid roof zippering.  

When it comes to roofing, never compromise on quality. A roofer worth their salt will help you choose a high-quality roofing material suitable for the local conditions and back their installation with a satisfaction guarantee.  

Call Superior Roofing & Home Care for Roofing Services in Oxford  

When you need someone to install, repair, or replace your roof, hire a trustworthy professional. Superior Roofing & Home Care respects your property and never cuts corners. With over 15 years of industry experience, every contractor on the team has the skills and experience to deliver world-class results.  

Call Superior Roofing & Home Care to get a free quote for roofing services in Oxford, Alabama, or nearby. Reach out for more information on what causes zippering on a roof or to learn a few tips on repairing granular loss.

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