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How To Repair Granular Loss on the Roof of Your Oxford Home

Ever wondered why shingles are rough on the top? All asphalt shingles have granules on the top layer that provide extra protection and give this material its unique, textured look. Because of this, granule loss is a big problem that can weaken and damage shingles. With that in mind, the team at Superior Roofing & Home Care is here to discuss how to repair granular loss on roof shingles. 

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How To Tell if Shingles Are Losing Granularity

Wind, storms, and general wear and tear can cause roof shingles to slowly degrade. The simplest way to tell if shingles are losing granularity is to visually inspect them. Stripped shingles will appear smoother than their neighbors. In addition, shingle granules can fall off the roof into the gutter system.  

Below are just a few common causes of shingle granularity loss in Oxford homes. 

  • Age and degradation
  • Wind and hail storms
  • Poor installation job
  • Defective shingles
  • Excess sunlight and UV exposure

When shingles lose granularity, they also lose their traction and durability. Shingles that lose granularity near their bases are more likely to fall off the roof due to wind or impacts. Losing granules also makes shingles less effective insulators. 

How to Repair Granular Loss on Roof Shingles

Granule loss is a normal part of owning shingles, and a small bit of granularity loss is usually not that big of a deal. Granularity loss only becomes a problem when shiny, bald spots on shingles are visible. 

Unfortunately, there is no real method to repair granular loss on roof shingles, so the simplest solution is just replacement. Fortunately, shingle replacement is a super simple and straightforward procedure that takes very little time. Hiring an expert like the team at Superior Roofing & Home Care ensures the job will be done quickly and efficiently. 

Preventing Shingle Granularity Loss

Homeowners can do several smaller things to maintain their shingles and prevent granularity loss, such as:

  • Make sure that the shingles are properly installed using the right technique. Poorly installed shingles degrade faster and are more likely to fall off. 
  • Hire a professional for regular roof inspections. Professionals can identify signs of weathering and physical damage on shingles and replace them before they fall off. 
  • Similarly, keep the roof free of debris and clutter. Dirt, mud, tree branches, and leaves can rub against shingles, causing them to lose granules.
  • Improve attic ventilation. Poor attic ventilation traps warm, humid air, which can cause asphalt shingles to fall apart faster. 
  • The typical shingle roof lifespan is about 15 to 20 years. Once shingles hit about 15 years old, they start to degrade faster. 

Same-Day Roof Repair

Neglecting a roof problem is a surefire way to get damaged shingles and incur a large repair bill down the road. The expert team at Superior Roofing & Home Care has the skills and expertise to manage Oxford homeowners’ needs. Send a message online to learn more about how to repair granular loss on roof shingles or schedule an appointment!

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