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How To Measure a Roof for Shingles in Oxford, AL

While some shingles are less expensive, they can still empty an unprepared wallet. To determine the potential price of a roof replacement, you must take several measurements and calculate them through formulas.

However, don’t put yourself in danger on the rooftop. Call a top-quality roofing company in Oxford, like Superior Roofing and Home, for an estimate. Professional contractors know how to measure a roof for shingles.

How Accurate Roof Measurements Help Your Project

Never rely on eyeballed measurements of the length and width of your roof. 

The cheapest type of shingles costs $1 to $3. Even without the actual measurements, a roof on a 2,400-square-foot house may cost $2,400 to $7,200. Those amounts may exceed homeowner budgets before accounting for angles, divots, and other roofing specifications.

Knowing how to measure a roof for shingles shows you how many bundles you need. Hiring a professional for this usually has additional benefits, like construction insurance and roofing warranties.

How Experts Measure and Calculate Roof Sizes

When you call a top-quality Oxford roofing contractor, they will have the tools to measure your roof. They then follow several steps to calculate shingle and material amounts:

#1. Do It on a Good Day

Inclement weather, like clouds and rain, can hinder roofing data, possibly leading to inaccurate roof sizing. Instead, most companies will wait for a sunny day with as few natural disturbances as possible.

#2. Use Their Tools To Measure

Whether they use drones or go up with harnesses and other protective gear, they find the height and width of each roofing plane. Roof planes usually come in rectangles but can also be trapezoids, triangles, and other geometric shapes. To understand your roof’s height, contractors use rise, run, and rafter length in addition to angles.

#3. Use Geometry To Calculate the Roofing Area

The area of a rectangle comes from the length of two perpendicular sides multiplied together. Triangles require the base and height divided by two. Trapezoids need the top and bottom edges added together, multiplied by the height, and then divided by two.

The square footage of your roof adds all the roofing planes together and subtracts any parts without shingles.

#4. Calculate How Much They Need

Shingles come in bundles that cover about a third of a 10-by-10-foot roofing square, making 100 square feet. So, a 2,400-square-foot roof will need 24 roofing squares of your chosen roofing material. Since the bundles cover a third of that amount, multiply 3 by 24 to get 72 shingle bundles.

Oxford contractors also include waste extras if they need to cut shingles or if some in the bundles come damaged or defective. They tend to add another 12% of the shingle bundle number — in this case, buying 78 shingle bundles instead of 72.

Get a New Roof With Superior Roofing and Home Today

In addition to knowing how to measure a roof for shingles, we’re experts in identifying roof shingle damage, roofing repairs, and shingle maintenance. Superior Roofing and Home could help you save money without a full roof replacement. Visit our contact page to schedule your Oxford roofing quote today.

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