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Can You Replace a Roof in the Winter in Oxford?

When you need to replace the roof on your Oxford, Alabama, home, you might think that roofers won’t be able to do it during the winter months. Even though winters here are mild, colder temperatures and rain aren’t necessarily the ideal conditions for construction projects. 

That doesn't mean it's impossible, though. The answer to “Can you replace a roof in the winter?” is yes, but crews must adjust how they work to ensure their safety and a high-quality roof. Here, Oxford’s best roofing company explains what goes into a wintertime roofing project. 

The Benefits Of Replacing a Roof in the Winter Months 

Not only is it possible to work on a roof in the winter, but it can be a good idea.

For starters, winter roofing projects can help keep costs down. If roofers could only work during warmer weather, they would need to charge more to accommodate months of not working. 

Replacing a roof in the winter can also prevent more widespread damage. If your roof leaks or has significant structural issues, you can’t afford to wait to schedule repairs. Roofing companies tend to be less busy during the winter, so they can get to your project sooner.

How Roofers Adjust to Winter Weather Conditions 

Roofers in Oxford, Alabama, don’t need to contend with much (if any) snow and ice, but there are still challenges inherent in working in colder temperatures. Asking, “Can you replace a roof in the winter?” means understanding some challenges and potential pitfalls. Here are some of the things roofing contractors have to deal with:


Completing a roofing project in the winter might take longer than a summer one because the crew has fewer daylight hours. They may also need to start later in the day or delay work if they need to wait for the frost to melt or the rain to stop. 


Colder temperatures don’t affect metal or slate roofs, but shingles can become brittle and more susceptible to breakage. Oxford contractors know how to work with them carefully to prevent damage and ensure a high-quality roof. This might include using different tools, like snips instead of utility knives, to protect shingles against breakage. 

Weather Conditions 

Winter in Oxford can be wet, and working on a roof during a storm isn’t safe. If it’s raining, below freezing, or windy, the team may need to reschedule or delay work until conditions improve. 

Tool Reliability 

Roofing contractors typically use pneumatic nail guns that use compressed air to save time. During the winter months, there’s a greater risk of malfunctions that result in improper nail placement. Builders need to take extra care while working or use tools designed for use in colder weather to ensure proper installation. 

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When you need a new roof in Oxford, AL, and wonder, “Can you replace a roof in the winter?” call Superior Roofing & Home Care for answers. Unsure whether you need help? Arrange a free inspection to spot damaged shingles and other roof problems, and let Superior Roofing & Home Care take care of everything. 

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