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3 Signs of Storm Damage on Your Roof in Oxford, AL

Oxford, AL, gets an average of 51.9 inches of rainfall annually, more than the US average of 38.1 inches. According to Best Places, that gives residents in this part of the Cotton State roughly seven more days of rainfall each year, not to mention higher chances of tornadoes and other heavy storms. Protect against storm damage on rooftops, especially during the wet season from May to August, by calling for help.

Superior Roofing & Home, Oxford’s top-rated roofing company, explains the top three signs of storm damage below so you can regain a sturdy household and peace of mind. 

1. Granule Loss in Oxford

Granules, which usually look like sand or crushed rocks, make up the gritty layer on shingle surfaces. The material usually comprises minerals, mineral fibers, or certain metals like copper, which protects the underlying asphalt layer from storms, UV rays, and other damage.

Some granule loss is normal, but if your roof is no longer new, meaning excess granules have already fallen off, your shingles’ protective layer is diminishing. You’ll notice the following:

  • Horizontal lines that indicate broken seals along the shingle
  • Sediment thickness of about two inches accumulates on your roof or in gutters 

2. Loose Debris Clogging Gutters

Unfortunately, granules aren’t the only loose debris that enters your gutters. Leaves, branches, and wind-blown soil, dust, and litter reach your rooftop, pulling at your shingles and weighing down the roof’s surface. 

Once they reach your drainage system, clogged gutters cause water to remain on your rooftop longer, promoting fungal growth, leaks, and concave areas. The water also eventually overflows, causing water damage to the house’s exterior walls, foundation, and internal wooden structure. The downspout can even jam with materials, leading to dents and splitting seams. 

3. Missing Shingles

High Oxford winds are a leading cause of missing shingles, and damaged shingles are the number one reason for needing a roof repair or replacement. It’s not uncommon to find the products on your lawn, especially after a storm detaches and blows them off the surface. 

However, you may need a bird’s eye view to note snapped, loose, creased, or lifted shingles. If you’ve recently had a roof replacement, faulty installation could be the cause. Otherwise, a lack of upkeep, regular extreme weather conditions, or the 15- to 20-year lifespan coming to an end could be the causes.

Other Signs

Other signs of storm damage on roofs include:

  • Hail damage, identifiable by circular shapes on the shingles, caused by impact
  • Water infiltration from weakened rooftop materials, which causes structural wood rot, fungal growth, mustiness, leaks, and water damage
  • Ice dams caused by water freezing on the rooftop eaves when Oxford temperatures dip to freezing

For 15 years, the Superior Roofing & Home team has replaced over 1,000 roofs, each project beginning with superior planning and ending with 100% customer satisfaction. For the dedication of licensed and insured contractors and an organized project manager, reach out to the five-star team. They’ll prevent storm damage on roofs, granular loss, and more in Oxford, AL!

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